“I love music that swings. I love music which makes the audience dance. I love
musicians who have their own personal style and sound. I love the details. I love it as
a whole. I love show business! I have tried to collect all of these things in my
Swinghouse Orchestra, and together with Morten, Jan, Andreas, Mads and Mads I will
spread golden jazz dust over the world! Let’s dance into the night…..”
Peter Marott

With elegance and swinging rhythms, Swinghouse Orchestra will lead you back to
the decadent swing era; where the clubs seethed and sizzled with jazz and dancing!
The traditions of jazz music have been given a modern twist and are being
catapulted into the future with a new lease of life.

Swinghouse Orchestra was created in 2010, in close collaboration with the Copenhagen
dance scene, at the legendary venue Copenhagen Jazzhouse. All of the music is arranged
by the Danish singer and trumpeter Peter Marott, who has found five of the most remarkable
musicians around to join him.

The band:
Peter Marott (trp/voc)
Jan Harbeck (ts)
Mads Hyhne (trb)
Mads Søndergaard (Pia)
Andreas Møllerhøj (b)
Morten Ærø (dr)